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There are these images which stick to you and come to you when you least expect it and this one’s IT! I’ve been driving myself insane over the past few months , whining to everybody who’ll lend me an ear about how I have NO calling and how I’m lost as to what I really want to do my Masters in or just do even as a professional. I blog to vent out my frustrations and misgivings , I sing to let my feelings show , I click photographs to capture the moment , I dance so that I don’t want to leave any stone unturned , I play Basketball so that I can feel the power of winning , I sketch when my words fail to fulfill my imagination’s limits , I act so that I can hide behind the character I play , I walk so that my mind can peace out and talk to me and then I travel because I love meeting new people. There you have it… That’s me in a NUTSHELL!!

I just realized that I hadn’t mentioned it so far , I’m an Architect (sounds very fancy to say it so matter of fact-ly) I have no calling. My parents sent me for every class under the sun when I was young , so that I would be prepared for the FUTURE. I design houses , commercial zones and schools for a living. I’m not rich and with the way I shop , I can see why.I have no plans for the future. I live for today and I’ve been told time and time again that I should have a plan. How do I explain to them that I’m living the PLAN!!

Just when I was at my wits’ end , I remembered this image and I would’ve screamed out HALELUIJAH in exuberant joy as every piece of the puzzle finally fell into place.Form , Space and Order is a book I’ve referred to over the 5 years of my B.Arch and each time this picture spoke to me differently and right now , it came to me as an answer to a lot of clandestine questions in my head.I hope I get this out right and I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain because my better half dozed off half way through my explanation , but anyhow here goes…

This picture , according to me symbolizes ARCHITECTURE. Every flight you climb relates to the quest for knowledge , each landing you reach to the knowledge gained and every door that you open to a different avenue and it never ends, just like this staircase. It keeps going on and on and on… Photography , writing , dancing , playing a sport , sketching , music are all different parts which are somehow integrated to one whole… You cannot do one without the other. You have to experience it one by one to get to the next. The landing isn’t important… It’s the climb… the journey to your destination… the falls… the hurdles… the pain… the hard work… All of these enrich your climb. Passion is something which drives you forward and motivates you to succeed.

Your life ends when your thirst for knowledge stops.There is no end to KNOWLEDGE.Similarly , there’s never a specific number of talents you’re allowed to have. Being a Musician , helps you understand rhythm in Photography or Films or balance in Architecture or Design or Fashion. Having a knowledge of Theater , helps you comprehend the importance of Communication. The list is endless. They’re all linked in some little way or the other. You won’t believe it but being a Movie-buff helps you too… Experiences in different realms of our existence piece together to form our LIFE.

As I reached landing after landing , I kept coming across different doors , which I’d never dared tread on before and I remembered Robert Frost’s lines from my favourite poem , The Road Not Taken and I took the one less travelled by and I’m still travelling , encountering new passions in my path and I’m NOT looking back. I attended this dance workshop a couple of weeks ago when the head  of the institute , Shiamak Davar talked about something to the lines of LIFE coming to a  FULL CIRCLE. It intrigued me then and now , I see it only as another piece in the puzzle. The fire inside me , ignited all those many years ago is what drives me forward. I dare… I will CLIMB… I will EXPERIENCE!! 🙂