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I’ve just been catching up on all my soaps I’ve been deprived of for the past two years whilst being employed and the one I’m talking about in particular is House M.D. I love the drama involving the cases and the uncertainty of the fatalities but that is only when it comes to the patients. You can’t go around killing Doctors; that too without any rhyme or reason. When they killed Wilson’s girlfriend and also one of the few who kept sticking it to House; you want them to come back to life (apparently she does as an apparition or a figment of House’s imagination in the upcoming episodes which I haven’t watched yet) and not the way they actually end up doing in the series. There is this constant feeling that she will return due to some strange twist in the story. That’s what Sherlock Holmes does to you.

The purpose of this entry is they killed off Lawrence Kutner (my favourite character) and wrote him off as a suicidal attempt gone right. As they play that very moving song towards the end when they’re cremating him; showing House digging up for clues in Kutner’s apartment wanting to frame it on somebody so that he doesn’t feel guilty that he missed something… it made me stop to think. Do we pay attention to the friends around us? Do we know when something bothers them? Would they come to us if they were in such a state? Have we ever been in such a situation when we think that suicide is the only way out? I have a friend who over discussions about the same topic, came up with the conclusion that many of us are too cowardly to actually do the act; when we’re running around telling people that we’re manic depressives and what not.

Human beings are born with different levels of resilience. We might break at level 1 or level 5 depending on the situations we’re in and depending on our mental construct at that particular time. I’ve always enjoyed the study of the human mind and it never ceases to fascinate me. Friends might help us through these phases; manic depressive states and sometimes we might need to be treated clinically. Depression seems to be the easiest way a person can reach out trying to tell us that they need help. We need to be vigilant enough to be proactive and be positive and encouraging and not rash and judgmental.

I sometimes wonder whether a couple of sad faces escaped my attention. I’m a happy person and I love making other people happy. Watching this episode of House M.D made me rethink friendships and relationships with my colleagues. I hope my ramblings on suicidal tendencies made you readers rethink some relationships too.