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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin


I’ve lived in a dry state (yes, there are such states in this incredulous country of INDIA) for the past 7 years and I can’t explain the freedom of ‘drink’ I feel the minute I’ve crossed the border. Beer isn’t easily available in Gujarat and even if it were, it would be spurious stuff and to top that, expensive as hell. So, instead we settle for the cheaper, spurious (very rarely do we get originals) stuff like whiskey and vodka which will cost a little less perhaps but definitely never get you the happy high you want. So, coming back to beer… it’s my happy drink 🙂

I travel a lot and most of the time, I spend more time in transit than at the final location (flights are expensive as hell when you’re an architect earning peanuts) and so you always find yourself spending a lot of time with yourself, testing out the local cuisine (translation for cheap food). I enjoy going to a random hotel, ordering biriyani and raita with a bottle of beer 🙂 You very rarely go wrong with this choice.

When I’m in Bangalore, I make sure I have breakfast at Koshy’s on a Sunday morning, where I can accompany my baked beans and toast and fried eggs, sausages and ham with a chilled bottle of beer. You can NEVER go wrong with that either. I didn’t realize it till very recently but when you’re having sea food, especially the tiger prawns at Dynasty in Chennai, make sure you have a bottle of beer to drown it. Trust me, it’s brilliant!! Beer goes exceptionally well with Indian cuisines like tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and butter chicken. Make sure you order a pitcher of beer when you’re eating at Barbeque Nation in any city… I’m a foodie as you might’ve realized by the second paragraph but I love beer more 😀 I enjoy beer with french fries, nachos, peanuts, chips, fried anything actually and I normally like to end my meal with a belch… It almost feels incomplete without it. 😀 So, till my next entry… Cheers mate!!