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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”  – C.S.Lewis

Sometimes, a call to a friend when you’re sitting on the foot of the stairs, just a floor above your office in your lowest of lows can be the reason you got through a really rough day. At times, a friend not talking to you and being mad at you can be the reason you got through a really rotten patch of life and sometimes a friend sending you a ‘flying kiss’ emoticon can brighten your day and almost all the time, when all those friends come together; there’s bound to be an EXPLOSION!! That’s us… the Awesome Foursome!!


Four young girls who share a passion for food, cute boys, architecture, cute Architects, books, music and good movies!! We painted the town red for those few months when we were together and it was the most fun I’ve ever had with a bunch of women. We met at work, believe it or not and even though we all never worked in the firm at the same time, we still ended up having so much to crib about and so much to laugh about. I wasn’t very sure that these so called girl friends would get me and what do you know, each one of them thought that we would never get them. We were all beautifully flawed in our own little ways and that flaw made each one of us priceless to each other.


During the 7 months that I was in this firm, I had at least 5 nervous breakdowns, out of which 2 ended up with me falling sick and 3 ended up with me suffering from phantom migraines. For all those who don’t know what a phantom migraine is, it’s a term I coined up for when I’m feeling really down and my body senses that and makes my brain believe that I  have a migraine when in all reality, pardon the pun, it’s all in my ‘HEAD’!! The thing about these migraines is that you have to treat it like an actual migraine but sometimes, a cupcake from Buttercup with my 3 favorite people ends up driving it away. I wouldn’t have gotten through those 7 months sane, if it wasn’t for these guys!! One of them even wrote notes to me all over my notebooks, each and every one of them (if you met me, you’d know that that’s a LOT!) Aruna… I do miss sitting next to you at work. Each one of them had a different way of handling me and my nuttiness and all in all, ‘It was a SUCCESS’!!



To our epic dinners at Birmies so that Kruti can have her favourite aloo paratha, to our sleepless nights of incessant talking and ‘bluff’, to our  love for cupcakes, to our fetish for beautiful people and their accessories, to our love for board games, to our crazy talks about almost anything, to our auto rides when we brush up our knowledge of the capitals of the world, to our crazy nights of late night prowling outside IIM A looking for cute boys (using our single friends as an excuse), to our favorite order of french fries at Apna Adda, to those extravagant meals at Upper Krust, Tomatos, Pleasure Trove, to our cheap take away from McDonalds, to our constant craving for Subway, to our ramblings on about office and how we think the pressure is too much, to those days when movies had to be accompanied with socks, stoles and sweaters, to those days when going down for pani puri seemed to be a mood lift, to those wonderful moments at Mandu when a particular someone said, “mouth faggin” and finally to those cramped auto rides with the four of us to almost everywhere…



Pari… Muah!! You’re the sister/ soulmate/ lover I never had!!


To Pari’s love for Muffin and Fluffy… to Aruna’s obsession with her iphone and her OWL glasses… to Kruti’s randomness (I miss our late night talks), her tiny waist and hyperventilation… to my constant obsession with grammar and spellings… to our united love for… ‘Sherlock’… to the glue that keeps us together… (the one person we hate from the bottom of our hearts, _ _ _ _ _ _ is a BITCH) To our ‘ERA‘!!


As Carrie Bradshaw says in one of the last episodes of Sex and the City… “I had a thought today. What if I hadn’t met you guys…”

‘Because’ I had to and wanted to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8UPWP5MUeo


Dedicated to Parimala Venkatesh, Aruna Bolisetty and Kruti Jangla