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In response to this ‘Public Notice’ dated 23rd December, 2012.

To whomsoever this may concern,

I’m a 25 year old woman who speaks for every woman who has been eve-teased, sexually assaulted or raped at least once since the time they were born. Yes, that means that I’m constituting nearly the entire female population of this country. It’s a responsibility that I take upon myself to ensure that we have a future generation of females which is safer and brighter than ours was and ever will be.

By passing out such a notice, you have publicly thrown in the towel on the role of the police protecting women around the country. Are you attempting to say that once you pass this new law, we can walk out knowing that we won’t get eve teased, sexually assaulted or raped?! Let’s not kid ourselves of that dream. The role of the justice department is to make a conscious effort to stop these acts of violence against women and  not to punish them once the act has already taken place. If I were to suggest certain measures, it would go like this:

1) Increase security – Just because the country is not currently under attack from terrorists, it does not mean that there is no need for tightened security in areas where such assaults are frequent. This does not mean putting up a couple of guards on patrol who will eventually end up assaulting women themselves. They need to go under some strict training where their lives will be at risk if someone in their area gets assaulted. It’s easier said than done but if we need to walk out of our houses at night, we want to know that we will be protected!!

2) Media used in the right way – A fellow friend and designer has come up with an innovative concept to use media to portray the other side of RAPE. Please take the time to go through this link http://indianbeatbox.blogspot.in/2012/12/india-rape-tragedy-solutions-for.html

3) Vipassana Meditation – For those who don’t know about Vipassana  Meditation, please see the link – http://www.dhamma.org/ I was told that there are 2 courses happening every month in the Tihar prison  and that there have been reformations of many prisoners. If that is true, then this should be made compulsory in all prisons across the country so that when you punish a criminal, you also make him reform and don’t send him out, an angered man but a reformed individual. These sort of courses should be made compulsory in schools around the country as well so that children learn to deal with their anger and past misgivings. I was also made to understand that there are such courses happening for the armed forces in certain parts of the country. If that is so, then great going and it should be happening everywhere else. I was an angry individual once and after attending this meditation retreat, I came back happier and full of love and compassion. You can speak to my friends and family if you don’t believe me.

4) Survival Kit – When a girl is born into this world, she is to be told from day one that she will have to carry a small kit with her when she is old enough to walk. This kit will contain pepper spray, a pen-knife and a whistle. I wish I was kidding when I was making this suggestion but I’m not. She will be taught self defence from the day she starts to walk. This should be made mandatory. When a child is trained at such a young age, her involuntary skills will become much sharper and that extra second might save her life.

If these above mentioned suggestions sound childish and immature to any of you, I apologize in advance. I have given this a lot of thought and this is what I think will change the state of the country forever.

Yours sincerely,