I was reading my blog entries made over the past month and I must say that I’ve made a lot of grammatical errors and to top it all of, been writing in some really bad and wrong English. If that wasn’t bad enough, I realized that not many of my entries had any heart so to rectify that, I’ve decided to be overly critical about my writing so that I improve and well you readers enjoy what I have to say. I feel saddened that I put you through my nonsensical entries. I take it as a personal insult and will strive to make my posts more graphical considering I’m an Architect and everything and well more constructive and informative!!


A big shout out to all those who’ve been following my blog and are always eager to comment and share their views! I’m blessed to have you as my biggest critics and would love the same continued support. 


As an alteration, I have also decided to make a daily entry, be it photographs, sketches or a small note about almost anything to sharpen my writing skills and to keep the hidden journalist/writer in me alive. Hope you have fun seeing the world through my eyes!! I would love for your feedback if you have any! Please feel free to leave comments behind 🙂 They will never go unnoticed or unheeded!

ImageWishing all of you a happy new year!!