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He is a young man with a future of power and opportunity and we are young women destined to be either wives and mothers at the very best, or spinster parasites at the worst.” – Philippa Gregory

I hail from a family of women where marriage always came after your career; a family where my Grandma got married at 29 and my Mom got married at 27, yet why do I feel so old and what’s the word for it… so out of my game at 25?! It’s probably because I’m not in my Rachel working at Ralph Lauren phase but am still slumming it away at the coffee shop. If I’m 30 and still making references to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, shoot me!! I don’t know why I suddenly feel the need to be dependent on somebody, to make it appear that I’m doing great and the word I’ve been looking for, SETTLED!! It’s probably the sad, pitiful looks you get from everyone when you enter solo at a function with your married friends and the glances of suspicion they throw at you when your seen with different boys at various spots. If you’re not married at 25, it means that every man out there who is single is staring directly at you, because his parents have told him that you’re in the market.


 I wish I didn’t have to use such words making women seem like objects but the best comparison I can find is perishable stock, it’s a get  it while the fresh stock lasts sort of deal. If you miss out on the best stock, then you’re stuck with the ones that nobody wants. You can’t be rotten or you’ll get rejected and if you’re really shiny, you might have a defect that nobody knows about until the right (read wrong) people find out and announce to the entire world what a, pardon the pun, ‘rotten apple’ you are.Women don’t need to have careers or degrees from Ivy League schools to be best sellers in the market. Instead, she should have a really stunning cover (read looks, complexion and  assets) and well the essential things to make it sell, publicity (read good reports from strangers) and last but not the least, should carry a message home. (read cooking skills, home making skills)

The worst part of this entire situation is I’m not single! I’m committed to this wonderful boy who has a good head on his shoulders and is an awesome catch, but the crux is I’m not married to him yet! We’ve been seeing each other for nearly 3 years now and we want to wait till we’re both settled to make the next big step of tying the knot! It sounds so logical in my head, yet when confronted with the pitied looks, I guess I just break and lose control. Wherever I go, if I need to book a room in a hotel or make a reservation at a restaurant or fill a form to start an account at a bank; there’s a question which is inevitable Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed… So, I’m NOT single yet not married so I’m stuck in limbo or no man’s land here! How desperate does that sound? To own a bank account, I have to be ridiculed! Oh and I wish I was kidding there but no, I saw those eyes when I wrote my age and ticked the Single box. He actually took his time as he reviewed the form running his pen over the status and age box over and over again! In my head, I wanted to just put it out there that I was dating so I didn’t seem so desperate and lonely but who am I kidding?! That would’ve sounded more desperate than ever!

So, now when I get a call from my single friends after a long time, my first question is always… “Please tell me you’re NOT getting married?!” I heave a sigh of relief and then happily continue bitching about the next one of our friends who ditched us and went over to the other side! This afternoon I wasn’t so lucky. I got a call from a friend to be informed that not one but two of my friends were getting hitched soon. Initially the excitement of buying pretty clothes gave me an incentive to attend these weddings but nearly 2 years and almost 10 outfits (read a lot of money) later, I just want to curl up into a ball and hibernate!! Do guys also have such issues to battle out at 25?! I feel like an old maid these days and I’m saluting my G’mom and Mom who put up with all the ridicule in their time. They are and always will be my source of inspiration.

I’m back home after a long stint at Ahmedabad and am facing spinsterhood picture-1as I pull up to pubs and restaurants alone. Well, my best friends are married and doing their couple thing and well here I am, sitting at home on the eve of my new job blogging instead of being out there having fun. In my defence, I had a bowl of Chocolate Excess ice cream which was delicious and watched the reruns of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ and have a perfectly mapped out power walking/jogging track and playlist sorted out! If I die an old maid, I can at least say I died living a life!! To all those Facebook statuses which I shall read about engagements, marriages and babies!! Kudos to all of them!! You know where I’ll be… yes, we all know where I’ll be…