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I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox.” – Woody Allen

51K44K4EQCL._SL500_AA300_I’ve always been a Woody Allen fan, (I can’t explain it but I just have!). His raw and frank notions of marriage and all that goes behind the bedroom door has always left me stumped and scandalized but aware nonetheless. This movie is a 2006 American romantic musical comedy (my favourite kind!) I’m a closet die hard romantic and I love musicals; so this is going to be raved about and drilled into everyone’s head until they’ve all watched it!

The movie revolves around an Upper Class family in Manhattan, a couple, their 5 children (out of which one is from the wife’s previous marriage), her relationship with her ex-husband and his love life, the senile grandfather and the bossy maid. All in all, a perfect family if you ask me. The family is very close-knit to the extent of the couple being best friends with the wife’s ex-husband and it brought to light the dormant truth of divorce and how post that, friendship and cordiality is not an alien matter!! The movie moves from a busy Manhattan set up to the Romantic setting of Venice and it’s gondolas and terminate in the ever so dreamy Paris with a beautiful ensemble of songs by Edward Norton, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Tim Roth and Goldie Hawn. (Drew Barrymore and Goldie Hawn didn’t sing the songs as mentioned in a review) Watch it for Edward Norton singing and dancing (attempting to at least) if not for anything else. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsiIPY_vzFU


 I watched it twice and each time it brought to light so many underlying issues like how a woman is allowed to fall in love as many times as she sees fit until she finds the real prince charming, how a married woman seeks therapy when faced with marital problems because men don’t listen to their wives, how sisters end up getting hurt when they fall in love with the same boy and he chooses one of them, how a boy will forgive anything the love of his life did just because he’s madly in love with her and most importantly… how important family really is! All of their problems were discussed at the family table and that love is something which is so strong and pure that it can never be erased, no matter what! I might be taking a philosophical angle to it but I’ve always loved large families and this movie touched a spot. 

The cinematography was beautifully crafted as it captured the packed streets of Manhattan to the almost desolate streets of Venice  with it’s almost seren gondolas and tiny little nooks where you could have meals and then to the romantic spots of Paris which I believe is everywhere. I probably also liked it even more because Venice and Paris are two places which I’ve dreamed of visiting and hope to do so at the end of this year. The cast did justice to the hype and like all Woody Allen movie, leaves you wondering about so much more than you thought you knew. A must see for all those who love sappy romantic flicks. This wasn’t meant to be a review really but I loovee thsi movie and I want all of you to loooveeee it too 😀

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