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Shot at the Masjid (Mosque) in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh which is located in the central part of India. These ruins have been conserved by the Archeological Survey of India and are in pretty good shape with most parts being rebuilt and buttresses being added to make the building more stable.

When I told you that I click pictures like this everywhere I go, I really wasn’t kidding!! This image to me looks like a loudspeaker and then when I thought about it some more and stared at it a little while longer, it started to resemble an echo with it’s sound waves vibrating towards the camera lens. It appeared powerful enough to knock me over like most echoes normally do. I love creating stories of kings and his ministry coming to worship in my head when I sit in such beautiful double height spaces. There’s a majestic and grandiose feeling to these space which I really can’t explain in words…