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12:06 PM . 13th January, 2012

The Paul Household, Chennai.


Conversation between Karoline and John in Pierre Morel’s, ‘From Paris with Love’

Karoline:So, what are we eating for dinner?

James:Woah! Woah! Isn’t it part of the French tradition that the woman cooks while the man watches T.V.?

Karoline: Well, things have changed since the middle ages, you know..


My father and I just had a yelling match because he thought that I don’t contribute anything to this house (manual labour), help out in the kitchen and other household chores. My brother who happens to be 3 years elder to me does even less than I do if that’s possible and gets away without anything because he was born a BOY! This happens each time I come home and for some reason, my Mom doesn’t say a word even though I know for a fact (been gossiping with my grandmother) that she didn’t do a thing either until she got married at the age of 27 and that my grandmother didn’t do a thing until she was married at 29!

Mood Setting

Norah Jones playing in the background to calm me down and also so that I get to brush up on the lyrics before I attend her concert live in Bangalore, India in March

Content – (Be prepared for whining)

Can an apple fall from the tree, I ask you?! My father and brother – the chauvinists that they are believe that just because we were born with the XX chromosome, have to be subservient to their wishes and demands. My father suffers from OCD and thinks that hiring help is not the answer to keeping a house clean and he expects everybody in the house to keep it that way. We are professionals who have lives outside of the house and after a 12 hour day, I don’t see myself coming home sweeping and swabbing my house! My dad just retired (shoot me!) and therefore has so much free time to do all the household chores, expecting everybody to pitch in! Hey, I do my part… I wash my dishes after I have dinner, make dinner for my grandmother and when everybody realizes that they have a life outside the home and I do all that with a smile on my face because I enjoy doing these things. Spending time with my grandmother and listening to stories from the past is my favourite pastime, but the hell starts when I come home to an atmosphere when everybody is eerily silent because someone pissed someone off (mostly because of the chores) and the only people who get blamed are either my Mom or me… How is that fair?!

We’re living in the 21st C for crying out loud!! Men and women should share responsibilities instead of dumping them on women and expecting them to do their part. My mom’s idea of such conversations when my dad is yelling his heart out is silence. I mean she does it like a pro and believe it or not, she likes doing it all on her own (the last time I tried helping, I burnt my finger) and each time I walk into the kitchen, she’s always staring at me from the corner of her eye… wondering what I’m going to do next which will set the room alight!

I spent nearly 2 years at my mom’s sisters’ place where I helped out with small things like cutting vegetables, putting out the washed clothes on the clothesline and washing dishes. I did it not because I was forced to doing it but because I liked doing it. My family when they came to visit, nearly fainted when they saw me in the kitchen! Yelling at someone to do something is not going to get them to do something! Psychologists should make sure that all parents have some sort of counselling before they have kids and teach them how to handle kids at different stages. My brother from another mother (most literally – mom’s sisters’ son) loves cooking and cooks up some exotic dishes when he gets the time and it just goes to show you that some men have been brought up right to respect women and to treat them as equals. (unlike my father) I refuse to be institutionalized by people who have been educated and won laurels but seem to have no reflection of that education where it really matters – their LIFE!


If I don’t make another entry in a while, it just means that my family came across this entry and they’ve probably banned me from using the internet and kicked me out of my house! (I wish I was kidding!!) The perils of living in with your parents at 25!!