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I went for this party hosted by some entrepreneurs yesterday where I was exposed to some rich leather tycoons from all over the world. One of my best friends, who owns a leather tannery himself, dragged me there to keep him from getting bored and well, I couldn’t refuse or rather I wouldn’t refuse as it was an opportunity to visit the Hilton Hotel in Chennai and I would be dining and wining the ‘Paris Hilton’ way for a night. This was my fanciest Saturday out yet, in my hometown and yes, I felt it was a nice change from sitting at home with a book and my laptop.


So, there I was in a top which cost less than how much I earn a day, my shabby old Levis jeans and silver kolahpuris which I had picked up on the streets for 180 bucks at a party where I was surrounded by 5 year olds’ wearing Tommy Hilfiger. You get my drift at how much of a misfit I was in that crowd. You know that feeling when you suddenly feel naked and you just want to hide under the table, hoping that nobody looks at you and smirks. Double that and you’ll feel what I did last night, not that I’d want you to of course! I stared at these people who were born into family money and were selling leather to brands like Aldo, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana wondering whether those brands meant the same thing to them as it did to me and watched them glide around the room with a drink in hand (refilled every time they changed groups) and making pleasant conversation about texture and tanning of leather (Yes, I understood what these people were talking about and YES, it was boring. My best friend is in this business and he rattles on about these things most of the time so you’re bound to pick up a few things)

I met some people I would probably never ever get to meet even in my secret stash of Mills and Boons and it was humbling to know that despite what they wore, they were just like you and me… regular Joes and Janes. They spoke horrible English, had issues with their country and how it was governed, bitched about traffic and praised the beauty of their historical monuments; an everyday conversation with almost anyone you meet for the first time. I kept filling up my glass with juice and telling everyone that it was Vodka and juice when they asked as I flitted from group to group like a butterfly waiting for that right flower. (read interesting Italian who I had spotted as soon as he entered wearing something fabulous and looking oh so dashing! Didn’t I wish I had already started Italian classes already…) Oh, you should always have a glass of alcohol in your hand as it insults the host if you’re not having a good time and yes, I got tired of sipping on my one glass of beer for an hour long conversation about importing leather from India instead of chugging it down like I would’ve done on any normal day, hence the shift to juice.

I learnt a lot about the English, Italians and Kiwis and shared a lot of interesting thoughts about different eras of Architecture as we debated on whether Italy beat France when it came to architectural beauty and for a long while, I forgot that I wasn’t one of them. I even got to discuss Italo Calvino’s, ‘The Invisible Cities’ with an Italian and well, that sort of made my day (oh I should mention that he probably didn’t understand a word and just kept nodding along and agreeing to most of the things I said about the book… dream conversation)

After a yummy dinner and an even yummier dessert array of caramel pudding, chocolate cake, rasamalai and trifle pudding (yes, I had them all and enjoyed every morsel that passed through my mouth), we bid goodbye to the world of fake smiles and fake conversations but definitely real, and genuine leather and I looked forward to my lazy, private Sunday spent with my books and laptop when I would probably blog about what an unusual night it was.

You blog when you have a point to say something and most of the time… when you have something to say and this entry is of the latter category.

P.s. Let’s forget that I mentioned I have a secret stash of Mills and Boons tucked away. If any of you who were at the party are reading this, no offence!!