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ImageI’ve stayed away from home since I was 18 and now when I go back to those memories of Mom and curfews and temper tantrums… it brings a smile to my face.

Mothers are created to bear the burden of everything that goes wrong with EVERYONE in the house. Why aren’t my canvas shoes polished?! Why is my uniform not ironed!? Why is that bill not paid?! Why has the car not been serviced yet?! Why isn’t the food ever ready on time?! (when it’s just a couple of minutes late) Why are the clothes still dirty?! Why didn’t you call and set me up for this class?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! And she manages to take it all in her stride and get to work on time after heeding to all our needs and of course our ever growing list of complaints!!

 It’s been so long since I’ve been told to come back before it gets dark. It’s been ages since I got a call when I was at work , to hear my Mom ask whether I wanted noodles for Dinner… It’s been EVER so long since my Mom yelled at me for swearing and threatened to kick me out of the house. I don’t even remember the last time I was told to change what I was wearing because it was inappropriate. I definitely do NOT remember the last time she told me off for buying a BLACK t-shirt (your dad would disapprove is the easiest way to get out of anything) I want to relive the day my mom saw the piercing on my eyebrow at the railway station and she said nonchalantly as ever… “You better take it out before Daddy sees it!”


Those days when I was having a bad day and Mom would bear the brunt of it as though she were to blame for EVERYTHING!! Listening to her humm along to MLTR as she sat in the Living Room correcting her papers. I miss that proud look in her eyes as she kept introducing me to all her colleagues and students at work as her ‘Architect’. It’s stupid the things I miss about her like the talcum powder she doused herself with after her midnight shower (and people wonder where I get these weird whimsical fancies from) The look on her face when I cry and tell her she loves my brother more than me. The way she pleads with me each time and says… “Vittu kodu Anju” as though I was the only one to give in all the time. The way she’d always save the biggest piece of Chocolate for my brother and I and say she already had one when you know she hadn’t!! The smile on her face when I showed her my first Pay Cheque 🙂 Those days when I was home for 2 weeks and on the last night we’d spend talking and I’d tell her all the naughty things I did in college… The tears in her eyes when she left me at the station each and every time…

 Hehe… okay now the tears have also followed the smile… I want to end it with this corny line… There are things money can’t buy… For everything else there’s your MOM!! 😉


I wrote this when I was working in another city almost 2 years ago and this was something I just had to reblog here.