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The world stood eerily still as she woke up that morning. It’s as though they were preparing her for what she was about to face, the cold wispy embrace of loneliness. She shivered as she snuggled deeper into the covers, wide awake, staring at the rumpled pillow which lay stained of his love next to her. She thought that she’d heard him leave in the morning and she knew heart of hearts that he wasn’t coming back. She had seen that look in his eyes when she told him that she loved him; had noticed that gulp before he kissed her lips to make her giddy with love. He wasn’t ready for this life, her state of affairs… most of all…he wasn’t ready for her. All that transpired between them was mad lust for each other which they’d kept bottled up inside for so long that she knew it would end sooner than it began. He was hers and she was his but as always, they weren’t coming together at the right time. In this case, she was dying and he was moving away to start a new life. It wasn’t really the perfect moment to start a life together, not that she told him that and not that he asked.

She beat herself up over why she didn’t tell him that she had about 5 years left and most importantly why she didn’t think it was perfect bait to lure him to her. She knew he would leave the entire world behind for her if he knew and for some reason, she wanted him to leave it all behind without knowing. It was only fair to him, she thought. She could smell him on her and it was the only reason she didn’t want to take a bath just yet. She was still wearing his shirt and he had gone away, leaving her and their little world behind. Nobody understood what they saw in each other but when they were together, they could see why. They were like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, just made to fit into each others’ flaws and dents and it felt almost as if they were too perfect. They fought like mad animals when they disagreed on something which was all of the time and when they agreed to disagree on something, they were equally passionate about it. Their fluctuating moods kept them at an arm’s length from most people but she won all of their hearts when she smiled. How could anyone not love her when they wanted to hate her is something that they could never wrap their head around. She was like those yummy caramel toffees which you put in your mouth; you love the taste but it gets a little too hard towards the end and it goes on forever and then you just want to spit it out but you don’t because the yummy flavour comes back. She had broken his heart a couple of times in the past and he had made sure that she paid in full price for what she’d made him go through and yet, they just couldn’t get enough of each other. She’d cry and then he’d cry and then they’d both yell and then as always… they would love each other again. Nobody who hasn’t been through the same can explain it. When he knows that he’s really gone too far, he’ll pick up the guitar and start singing “Hey there, Delilah” and she’d be sitting on his lap before long as they sang in perfect harmony together.

That was then and this is now. He was moving away and there is nothing she could do to stop him. She knew what she could do and say but she wouldn’t. She wanted him to come back on his own. She got out of bed and looked out the window. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She pinched herself to see if she was dreaming. There he was standing out there in the cold; wearing nothing but his trousers staring at her window. She bellowed down to him, “You’re going to fall sick if you don’t put something warm on! What’re you doing down there, staring up at my window like a stalker anyways?!” He smiled that smile she loved and said, “I was wondering how long I’d have to wait out here for you to wake up so that I could ask you this.” “Ask me what?” She asked. “This…” He said. “Will you marry this thin lanky boy of a man, knowing that you only have 5 years to torture me and give me hell?!” She gasped. Her heart was in her throat…”How…how did you know?!” “You don’t know how much I stalk you then. I tried to run away from you, us and this situation over and over again from the time I found out. I couldn’t. I couldn’t take going away from you and waking up to an empty life. I hate you more than I love you most of the time but then your love makes up for all the hate.” “Are you going to answer me or do I have to freeze to death down here?!” She looked at this boy of a man, she fell in love with so many years ago and couldn’t but not shed a tear… “Yes, you fool. I will marry you but only on the condition that you make me breakfast and dinner for the next 5 years!” “In your dreams, sweetheart. Why do you think I’m marrying you in the first place?! I get a house slave to do what I want!!” “Really now… We’ll see who is whose slave soon enough…

They both died in each other’s arms as their house caught fire one night 5 years later. No one knows whether they torched it themselves or whether it happened by accident. They could never really be sure with the two of them. They smiled to themselves, knowing that they belonged together wherever they landed, heaven or hell.

My first attempt at writing a short story. Haven’t done it since high school. I had fun writing it. Hope you enjoy reading it!!