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I sat there with 10 and 11 year old children attempting to bridge the gap between us as I took colored paper and cut it as crookedly as I could muster (I cannot cut along the line)… A whole lot of sticky fingers and cutting flesh instead of paper later, I made this ‘peacock’. To all those who didn’t think it looked like one, let’s see you try and do the same!!

Once I was done and asked whether I could take it to my room, I proudly went and showed it off to the rest of the staff who are all 50+… Yes, I’m pretty sure they all thought that I had lost a screw or never had it screwed on in the first place. As they showered me with praises (they couldn’t tell me that it looked horrible now could they?), I took it to my room and put it up on the wall… took a picture of it and sent it to my mom!!

There’s a child in each one of us… I found mine that day!!