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1) I have a horrible sense of humor.

2) I do very strange things (the picture is proof) when I’m sleep deprived.

3) I have a knack of making the smallest thing sound mammoth size.

4) I talk to myself when I know that I’m being watched because I think people will stay away from crazy people. (I forgot to mention that I AM strange as well)

5) I tend to become like the person I spend a lot of time with and I don’t have a favorite type of egg. (Runaway Bride reference)

6) I laugh at myself most when I’m disappointed with myself because I hate to cry.

7) I watch a LOT of T.V.shows, movies and listen to songs almost a year or two after they’ve been released. I don’t have a specific reason for that. I’m just lazy like that.

8) I read very strange books and you shouldn’t be surprised if you find a nursery level picture book in my collection. I dissect these books and try to understand them with my evolved brain is what I’d probably say but since I’m being honest… Picture books are so much easier to read!!

9) I stare at my blog stats page more than I’ve ever stared at myself in the mirror (I’m egoistic and I’m my most favorite person in the world. In short, that’s saying a LOT!)

10) I needed an excuse to put up this picture and I had to take off this PINK post-it which has been stuck to my screen which said, ‘BLOG ENTRY’ , hence, the POST!!