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Dear Rapist,

I don’t think I owe you the courtesy of writing you this letter but I still consider you a human after the brutal act you committed on that 5 year old girl? I want to know a couple of things which only you can tell me? Why did you do it? Are you a pedophile? Did you know that it’s a problem which can be cured? What were you thinking when you shoved that 200ml oil bottle into that tiny little hole? Did you tape it so you could enjoy watching it over and over again until she probably just fainted from the unbearable pain?

Doesn’t porn do it for you? Do you need to watch something grotesque to get a hard on? Are you incapable of performing in bed with women your age that you felt that you needed to torture a 5 year old child? Did she scream your name in bed, your pervert or did she scream out “Mama” or “Dada” each and every time you thrust something inside her? Does it make you squirm reading this now, if you ever get a chance to? What gave you the courage to touch a child… a boon from God this way? Would you do the same to your daughter or son, if you had one? Would you enjoy incest? Would you do the same thing to your mother and sister?

Why didn’t you just kill her after torturing her or was it the pain you were after? Why would you bring yourself down to that level of physically violating a child? Tears are running down my cheeks as I write this to you, dear rapist… I want to know WHY?! I’m a believer in forgiveness as my religion preaches it and have been taught that every action must be forgiven. You have made me rethink that, today… I don’t know what punishment can make you pay for what you did to her, but whatever it is… I will support it. God must loathe you at the moment. He must be cursing the day your father’s sperm fused with your mother’s egg and created such a monster. If that didn’t hit you as an insult, I don’t think anything else will.

A disgusted citizen of India.