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I’ve always believed that there is a moment when viewing something as simple and beautiful such as this pretty lake with devotees worshiping on it’s ghats; when you stop just for a second longer and connect with that space. For that moment, no photo… no sketch… no entry… will do… just you, your silent mind and what you witness. 

I had just performed my first pooja on the ghats of the Holy Pushkar Lake and my mind was surprisingly turbulent inside yet calm on the surface as I broke this wall I had created within me of a staunch belief in something I couldn’t give reason to. I was a Christian one minute and all of a sudden, it made me feel like I had gone over to the other side and I felt the same, yet I wore red kumkum on my forehead, which made me more Hindu than I ever thought I’d be. Strange how a simple red dot on my forehead could covert me, not physically but emotionally somehow.