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IGI T3, New Delhi

16th April, 2013

Each time I walk into those security check in things when a woman feels me up like she was paid to do it (hmm is she really?), I wonder what would happen if she found something on me, you know like a play gun or something. Would she scream? Would she speak into her walkie-talkie immediately and call her colleagues in the next booth who are busy feeling up other men and women respectively? Or would she say, “You’re a little terrorist aren’t you? You won’t escape on my watch, BITCH (like Jessie Pinkman in Breaking Bad).” Hehehe!! Just a humorous thought at 5:19 AM on a Tuesday morning, after a bloody scary drive from Jaipur to Delhi at break neck speed.



I curse Jet Airways for cancelling the ONLY flight which ran from Jaipur to Chandigarh. Thanks to you buggers, my readers have to be put through such humorous (read not funny) posts so early in the morning. I’m pretending that the FREE wi-fi here actually works and I’ve already posted it. (today is really NOT my day, is it?) By the way, did you guys know that there is something called a Prayer Room here? I mean, WOW!! They really don’t trust their pilots do they? I watched ‘Flight’ recently and well, can you blame me for jumping to that conclusion almost immediately? Oh shite, I honestly hadn’t thought about my pilot being drunk until this very moment. Now, I’m scared; very scared.  My curiosity has gotten the better of me and I’m off to the Prayer Room to figure out what happens there and WHY people want to go there…



To the rest of you, if you’re already afraid of flying and somebody is forcing you to take a flight, think twice… and then watch the movie ‘Flight’ which will probably keep you away from flying overseas for your lifetime. Hmm, well if you’ve watched Titanic, you wouldn’t really want to travel by ship either… Ehm… pretend I didn’t mention anything about the movie ‘Flight’ then…


And also, I would strongly suggest that you all start following Rob on Instagram ASAP. He’s an adventurer and a photographer and he’s cycling around the world and documenting his journey. http://instagram.com/roblutter/ and if you want to see shots of India, follow me on http://instagram.com/metallipaul 😀