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I don’t expect many of you to understand this and I expect those many of YOU to be men! I honestly try very hard to travel light but try as I might, it doesn’t get smaller than a backpack or a rucksack for a trip as small as a weekend or a week respectively. I have tried to list it out so that it makes sense to me as well as my readers.

1. I cannot travel without my books. I have to carry 3 books with me when I travel; one which is by an Indian author preferably (Indigo & Other Stories by Satyajit Ray), another which is fantasy fiction (Storm of Swords – Blood and Gold by George R.R.Martin) and another book related to anything I wouldn’t otherwise get to read about(His Sacred Burden – The Life of Bhagat Puran Singh by Reema Anand). 

2. I do not go anywhere without my Moleskines, a sketchbook and my Lamy couplet (Pen + Scribble Pencil).

3. I have to carry my laptop with me everywhere I go; work might call or well, I might just want to blog about something.

4. My digital camera is always in my bag (with it’s charger and transfer cable). That reminds me, I have to charge it because you never know what tomorrow may bring. 🙂

5. If I’m travelling overnight by train, I like to carry a blanket/ sheet/ comforter because it’s just nice to feel comfortable and snug in your own. I also have this very cool neck pillow which my sweet and considerate Iyer boy got me because I was traveling crazy hours by bus in Chennai 2010.

6. I always carry an extra pair of everything I own… (clothes, accessories, socks, footwear). Just because I’m traveling, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have CHOICE right?

7. I try to remember to carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go because I tend to get dehydrated very soon and fainting in an unknown place is something you want to avoid.

8. I have coffee powder, sugar, milk powder and sauce sachets with me at the moment. (thanks to the Shatabdi). You never know when you might need any of these when you travel. I also carry mint or any candy to suck on because I get motion sick very soon (I should probably see a Doctor about that).

9. I’m always prepared with sanitizing lotion, sun tan lotion, petroleum jelly, lip balm or chap stick, moisturizing lotion and leave on hair conditioner (you never know when you might need any of these). A comb and a mini deodorant is a must and well, let’s NOT forget eyeliner. I also make sure I’m carrying medicines (disprin, crocin and avomine {latest addition}) because I’m prone to migraine attacks when I travel.

10. I carry a pair of RayBan’s (stole from Dad) and an umbrella (lost mine, should remember to pick one up soonly). You need to look chic yes, but be smart… don’t die of a heat stroke in the pursuit of it! (A windcheater or a sweatshirt is also something that comes with)

11. Cos’ I honestly canNOT finish this in just 10 points…  FOOD!! (something to munch on, preferably biscuits)

I never let ANYONE carry my bag for me as heavy as it is… true story… ask ANYONE!! If I choose to travel heavy… I learn to carry my own weight… (literally!)

Now, honestly tell me… can I possibly do without any one of these?!