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“Train journeys gives you an insight to the true you, devoid of inhibitions which lets your fellow travelers see something more of you than even you never knew existed… They also give you a chance to check out hot men (none of them in my compartment, just my luck!!)… ”  – Anjali Paul

So, here I am on the Shatabdi Kalka on an official trip to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh in an attempt to help the HP Govt. with their English Assessment Levels. Ooh and it makes me feel so important sitting on the train and typing away on my laptop like my typing is going to be saving lives… Hehe… and I think people sitting next to me are even prying into my screen and yeah, it makes me feel so damn special 😀


The train is absolutely spectacular, will be posting pictures along with this in the hope that nobody will mind, by nobody I mean the Railway Dept. of course. The Shatabdi is a super fast train which connects important (frequently traveled cities) and this one runs between New Delhi and Kalka. I’m a little happy to be taking the train instead of the flight because I’m not a comfortable passenger on the flight. My ears get blocked which is followed by an ache which doesn’t go for long. Anyways, flights make me feel very oozy and not to forget my motion sickness. Sigh, yes… I have serious issues!! Anyhoo… so getting back to the train again; it’s absolutely awesome (should really work on my vocabulary). The seats are all plush with a provision of a small pull out table at the back of every seat, where you can place your laptop  , gameboy or food. There is ample leg room, so that any 6 footer can be very comfortable in these seats. In the backgorund I’m listening to the UK Top Singles from December 2012 I think (Thanks Pari!) to drown out the crying, cranky baby. Speaking of babies, I read this funny tweet… “All of you wanting to to have babies, try handling a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum because she couldn’t get rid of her shadow.” Hahaha!! That was HILARIOUS and thank GOD I’m not married and don’t have to witness that for a LONG time now 🙂


Now, getting back to the Shatabdi, there is a line of lights in the centre of the ceiling, making it nicely illumniated apart from the large windows bringing in the view of the beautiful countryside we’re passing at the moment. Sigh… This, I can do for a living!! I get free food (included in the ticket cost) and I can’t wait to see what it is 😀 Happy happy day!!


I love train journeys because I get to be so mysterious and have people think strange things about me with the little that my body language and demeanor lets slip. I used to make a lot of friends on train journeys when I was younger, now I just stare at everyone as everyone stares right back at me. Sigh… I wish I was that old me again… starting a game of Bluff with absolute strangers and ending up sharing secrets in less than a few hours.


Now, the importance is slowly fading and I’m trying to figure out the purpose of this post. Since I don’t seem to be finding one, I shall be logging off 😀

Yayayayayay!! Train journey!!! I’m sleep deprived and hence the crazy energy making me seem like I’m high on something. Much love!!!