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When things take a turn for the worse and you have no other option but to let go, you retract into your shell and don’t want to come out, even when you’re probed. You hope. If anybody hasn’t told you yet, hope is the mother@#$%^&* bitch of every relationship. You want to curse. You want to cry. Guess what though… the tears… they ain’t coming. That only makes you feel worse. You listen to sad songs in the hope that you’ll break down. No chance. Now, all that helps is throwing yourself into work and pretending that tomorrow will be a better day… when you already know that it’s probably going to be worse and never really better.



You blog about it like I’m doing now, hoping that someone understands your sorrow and wants to travel half way across the world to give you a tight hug. You need to be around the people you love right now because the one you thought was the one… just left you stranded on the busy, scary highway.


You realize now that you’re not as strong as you thought you were. You are in fact, everything but. You are the epitome of weakness and you will probably need a lot of chocolate to pull you out of this one. After all, that many years is a lot to forget. That many years is a lot to erase. The worst is… you’re still hoping for him to come back when you know he won’t. 

Turn The Page

It’s time. Turn the fucking page!