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There are some things you should know when you are a certain age and there are some things you just don’t know!! I can’t cook; I would like to add here that I can bake cookies and cake and can probably manage to make myself soup and noodles (anything that comes with instructions on the cover) and that’s where my experimentation cut me short. I don’t mind doing as many dishes as you would want me to (Ask my best friend, Amrita Fredrick) as long as you cook for me. People explained that I would probably learn when I absolutely had to; I ordered in from McDonalds, Subway and KFC. Don’t I want to make myself a meal like you see in the picture?! Heart of hearts, I think I do. I’ve watched enough cooking shows to be a contestant in Master Chef for crying out loud but there are some things you just can’t force and cooking, is one of them.


I have major respect for these men in the picture!! Teach my man a few things, won’t ya?

I’m an Architect and I can picture designing myself a wonderful kitchen; an island kitchen most probably with a wooden and steel decor. There would be no prettiness, just a little cold steel and some warming wooden tones with a an induction stove (I hear it’s the latest trend) and a small little chimney over my stove (I saw some really rad designs in a magazine). I’d have really subtle  cove lights tucked away in the corners, giving me just the right amount of illumination required. I can even imagine a little bar counter tucked away on one side of the center island with beautiful crystal wine glasses and bulky beer mugs hanging from the intricately crafted, glass holders. With my magnificent imaginative power, you would probably guess that it would gradually evolve with me whipping up some really cool dishes. NOT! I picture my better half coming back home from a long day of work, stirring up the vegetables I would’ve already cut up and kept ready (I cut like a pro and I have a heart!) and making us a lovely dinner as I skillfully set the table and pour the both of us a glass of wine. After complimenting him on his marvelous culinary skills (always compliment the cooking), I’d let him watch TV as I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. How is that not a perfect dream?!

Whoever said a man’s place is NOT in the kitchen definitely got it wrong; very WRONG!! 

P.S. I secretly wish that I had the will power to cook and whip up something as awesome looking (and tasty as well, I presume) as what I see in the picture. Sigh, till that day arrives… KFC and takeout… my best friends for life!! 

– Photo by Michelle Weber (DPchallenge)