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I had a lot of time on my hands and I’m in the conceptual stages of designing an eco-friendly wall for one of the primary school buildings on campus when I decided to put some empty pet bottles to some good use.


Material Required

A 500 ml or a 1 Litre pet bottle

A cutter

Some mud

A plant

1 + 1 = Bottle Plant Holder

I took the pet bottle, cut a hole wide enough for me to grow a few plants, filled it with mud and uprooted a lonely plant from the garden and gave it life in my little Bottle Plant Holder. I am reliving elementary school all over again and it makes me jump up and down with joy. I was also informed by Sethuramji – the gardener cum chef of our campus that my plant may appear to wilt in the first day but it’s only a part of growing healthy. Who knew, huh?!

If I don’t kill this plant, I will consider myself lucky. Pray that this one lives!!