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I spend the majority of my day in my room and I love creating an atmosphere where everything is within an arm’s reach. If you don’t understand that translation, it means that my room is normally in a mess when I’m working and my way of unwinding is cleaning up my room once my deadline is met. Yes, I’m strange like that. The reason I felt I had to post today was because I thought that it was high time I introduced you to my room mate. Sigh. I wasn’t given a choice here. I was forced to just let him come and occupy my room. Meet the lizard friend.

I take life way too seriously for any 25 year old who has had her fair share of recluse behaviorist phases in the past. I spend most of my time either brooding over the crazy, fun and irresponsible me and then secretly I was that same me again. I’m temperamental and as an ex very rightly put it; I’m extremely HARD maintenance. Anyways, so the point of mentioning that is I’m not an easy person to live with and any room mate of mine from my college days can vouch for that so having an uninvited guest who just stomps all over the place and leaves me little surprises (his droppings) over the floor isn’t exactly what I had planned for. I love my space and at the same time, need to have somebody doting on me all the time. If you can’t, then we don’t see eye to eye and we shouldn’t probably ever live together. (to all my future roommates)


I doodled him because I thought he’d like to see a picture of himself when he’s scampering around in my room. Yes, I’m that jobless and yes, I’m that thoughtful.

Strangely, this little guy somehow seems to know just how to be that silent listener when I’m bawling my eyes out over something as trivial as losing all my data or having to cancel a trip with friends or just homesickness tears. I can almost always see him skulking around behind my tag board, (he thinks I don’t see him, of course) whenever I’m upset and I think he’s in some strange way trying to tell me that things will be better after food because the next minute has him chomping on some insect in the room. I never realized that having a lizard in the room could have a gazillion advantages (read one) My room is normally insect free as he has taken it as his personal vendetta to kill any insect that wants to hurt me. You must have realized by now that I’m either suffering from a heavy concussion to the head or that I have actually lost the little bit of sanity left and have started looking at the activities and movements of a lizard in my room.

To all of those concerned readers, I spend close to 16 hours in my room and when it’s crunch time (which is like always), I’m awake for nearly 11 of those hours and I stay alone. I have a fluctuating relationship so that really doesn’t count and well GOT can only keep you that involved (A Feast For Crows is the slowest book in the world!!) and you can only play so much of Ruzzle in a day (read 5 hours straight when I’m in one of those moods). The crux of this paragraph is informing my readers that I’m a loner and don’t speak to anyone after I get back to my room until I get back to work the next morning. A lizard who wants to listen to me whine is always welcome. I should name him but then what do you name a lizard? Any suggestions? 

I think I’ve given you enough information to make you think that I’ve lost it but I, in fact have gone to the extent of thinking that I might’ve found the best roommate in the world, pretending of course that he doesn’t do his business on the floor and anywhere he feels like it. I should really see a shrink about this one, but honestly… misery loves company!!