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IMG_0004It’s strange how children can see through the layers of sophistication, polite conversations and jaw aching smiles; and see you for the real person you are. You can remove the eyebrow piercing, pretend that you don’t sing at the top of your voice when your favorite song is playing, never mention how you unwind over a smoke and a drink when you get home, hide your past as this hippie with torn jeans and baggy t-shirts, hide your tattoo as best you can and dress in salwar suits all day. There is NO fooling them! Kids can see you for the real, slightly cracked in the head you. This girl got off the bus today and as I waved to her from the window, she called out… “Bye bye Naughty Ma’m!!” From ‘Hitler Didi’ to ‘Naughty Ma’m’… Improvement?!

Et tu reader?!


Bah humbug!!