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It’s that time of the year when there is a waft of breeze which is cooling and makes you want to grab for your quilt. Summer is far from gone now and so is the monsoon and all that’s remaining is the wait for winter to chill your bones. You keep track of seasons here because those are the only events that matter anymore. Birthdays, valentines day and anniversaries don’t seem to matter when there is no love to celebrate them with. 


Nights are when you reminisce. A time for silent tears to fall unheeded to onto your pillow and you don’t bother brushing them away because there’s nobody around to notice or even bother to wipe them away. Nights are to dream about better actions and better comebacks and better futures. Nights are for all the things you didn’t get done in the day. Your pillow hears your every deep and dark desire and knows your every wound. It softens the blow as it gets moister after every heavy sob.

Nights bring you closure to daily rants and pent up anger. Nights make up for all the pain the hot and dry day has caused and pacifies you as you decide to never wake up again. Sleep is evasive and your worst enemy because it brings you hope and desire when all your life is filled with is sorrow and despair.

Nights. Maybe it’ll bring me to a brighter tomorrow but I know heart of hearts that it’s already the dawn of a dark and depressing day.

Picture courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/3rdeyeClub