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I have always prided myself with the fact that I have the ability to express myself best through words when I fail to convey emotions and this morning; when I feel like somebody just pulled a rug from under me while I was sleeping… I have no words to express what I feel. I forced myself out of my disturbed state of mind to watch a few episodes of Friends which has become a daily ritual now and even their quirkiness didn’t seem to lift up my mood.

I’m 5 days into a new year and things have already begun to go downhill. I want to blog about it but there is nothing that can be said which hasn’t been said before, which hasn’t been expressed before and nothing new for you to read, dear readers. I have realized that I am a record on a turn table, stuck at a point with no rescue close at hand. Give me a few minutes and I will be destroyed, beyond the path of no return and yes, I still don’t have the words to emote what my heart feels at this very moment.

My only rescue till today I thought, were words… and they have failed me too. I blog only because I have nothing to pull me out of this; only the walls which hold so much pain and suffering and my pillow probably which has my despair imprinted on it.

You have failed me.

I know the words will come to me one day and that day, I shall smile and laugh and write happy posts but for today, emptiness is all I have to offer. Take it or leave it.