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The year started with a bang, (very literally I must say) and then it sort of just faded away (again, oh so very literally). It was then followed a few days later with me realizing that I had misplaced a very important document which had been handed to us directly by the Govt. of Rajasthan. (Yes, I am still the same irresponsible person you remember Amma!) This was followed by me falling into a ditch on the road and being rushed to the emergency, only to be told that I had a sprained upper left arm (my weak hand) and some cuts and bruises (I could’ve told myself that already no?) and me being sent home after 2 shots on both my right and left hip. In the past few days, I have also begun to send messages to myself on WhatsApp (yes, I can do that on my new Lumia 720 which is like a blood diamond to my eyes right now).


I blog only because… today, after nearly 5 days… I feel absolutely awesome. I woke up with a happy dream, found the document, went to a mela, shopped, went for a jog and started myself on the 100 happy day challenge. Yes, it is reason enough to put up a happy face and realize that you’re not faking it. 

All is well!! I was listening to this song right after and it sure as hell lifted my spirits 🙂