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I haven’t had a word to say in so long that it’s beginning to eat me up inside. I have no hate inside me to translate into words neither do I have any anger left to burn someone alive. All I have is love even when the entire world has given up and is begging me to move on to greener pastures. Is it normal to feel this way, you ask? Is it normal to wake up to your heart pounding so hard for something which is unattainable?


I wish I knew the right grammar to a perfect relationship which would make things so much easier for me to grow and learn from my mistakes. Is there a crash course on love? I think I need to attend one of those workshops to convince my heart that it isn’t stupid for believing in something that seems so densely unclear right now.

My heart goes out to someone who completes me on so many levels that I feel unsteady when alone. I let go of love once before and I will make sure that never happens again, which is why I am still fighting. It is a battle with myself, my slowly fading sanity and my heart and I have no doubt in my head that the three of them will put up a good fight with each other and ensure that my heart wins.

I have believed in a love so pure since I watched my first romantic film and read my first M&B and it exists, even when the entire world doesn’t see it. Love will be victorious in the end. I will wait with bated breath for my love to come through. Success comes to those who fight for what they believe in and I know that love will succeed.

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