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“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”- Wyland

I don’t know and whether it is because I have been brought up in a coastal city or because I have an affinity towards water but sitting by the ocean is one of my most favorite pastimes. If I am upset over something, am extremely happy or even angry at someone… a few minutes staring at the waves crashing against the shore calms my mind. The tyrant waves make me feel secure as if their violence is an answer to all the injustice that is going in the world and well especially with me. It recedes long enough to keep me wondering whether it is going to come back and wash me away and yet… it comes back and doesn’t unsettle me in most ways.

This trip to Pondicherry and I had my date with the beach… just the waves beating against the rocky shore and my troubled mind. I was calmed by those raging waves and I realized how much I missed the ocean staying in a land-locked city.

I had been sick for over a year and just a weekend at the beach made me feel absolutely alright again (of course, home also played a big part). The ocean has mysterious powers which none of us will ever be able to comprehend. Now, I only wish I owned a house near the ocean so that I could wake up to this every morning… some day… one day… Until then… these small little moments of joy will suffice…