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Introduction to word vomit

I know before I make this entry that this will be just plain and simple word vomit, not because I don’t have anything to say but because I have had so much to say for so long and ended up blogging about it when the thoughts have run dry. I need to buy myself a voice recorder to help keep track of these thoughts when I think aloud.


So, in less than a month… I will be moving, only this time it will be to a village where I will probably have no network to make calls or get online. Am I out of my mind to have made this decision voluntarily? Yes. Am I going to back out of it within a month of staying there? We shall let time tell. I spent a week there for some training I had to facilitate and every night would have me walking around like a zombie with my phone held in strange positions attempting to attract network coverage and silently cursing myself every time I bumped my toe against something. This would be very funny even to me if only there weren’t rumors of panthers visiting the campus in the middle of the night. So, let me give you a description of where I will be staying. It is an educational campus with residential facilities which is nestled away in one of the ranges of the Aravallis. To get there, you need to travel about 10 km from the nearest town and there is something which resembles a road but my bum would tell you otherwise.

It is a big move and I am skeptical as to how a city bred like me is going to survive… Well, wish me luck and pray that no panther eats me alive. Other than that, it will be the most beautiful place to wake up every morning to, listening to the birds and the bees as morning breaks. It is frequented by peacocks and as they display their beautiful feathers, it sometimes really feels like the saying… ‘as vain as a peacock’ wasn’t half wrong.


My ammachi (grandmother) is turning 90 this year and I am beginning to miss her more and more as each day passes. She is by far the most avid listener I have ever had to all my stories and adventures, which will always be followed by an “Asho!!” with an open-mouthed expression. Haha!! I fear she won’t be around for too long and I want to spend every minute I have when I am in Chennai next month with her, watching Malayalam movies and chatting about everything under the sun.


I finally started reading ‘The Song of Fire and Ice’ again after nearly a 2 year break and have been reliving the horrors of every character I every cared for dying or being orphaned. It has come to a point when I don’t know the enemy from the friend. I have soft corners for the meanest and cruelest of villains and have begun to find certain favorites boring and I hope they die just to end my misery of reading about them. I have finished 4 books in 2 weeks which is an all time high for me and then I started on ‘The Feast For Crows’… I will be ten and thirty when I am done, I think.


I have also been traveling a lot off late, much to my delight as it always gives me a moment to pause and reflect on a lot that has been going on in my life. I also visited this place in Bikaner called Deshnoke where I went to a rat temple. I have to show you pictures or you wouldn’t believe the amount of rats. There is a saying there that when every resident of that town dies, he comes back as a rat and when every rat dies, it comes back as a human. Strange eh? Also, there are white rats there. I kid you not… I saw one with my own eyes. If you see a white rat and make a wish, they said that it would come true. It did come true 🙂


Jama Masjid, Delhi

thanagazhi02A wedding I attended in Thanagazhi, Rajasthan

IMG_3553The rat temple in Deshnoke, Rajasthan


Now, I shall go sleep because I have wasted enough of your precious time in reading this post but I must thank you guys for making the effort. Hopefully, I shall be back next time with a post with more meaning. Till then, adios.