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I’m a little upset today, okay I’m very upset because I went to the gym where I was told that for my age, I’m grossly obese (I added the grossly part). Then she went on to explain that obesity doesn’t mean what I think it means (eye rolling moment). She also told me that for my weight and height, I should be around 43 years old. Which part of this entire conversation is supposed to motivate me to lose weight? I mean, body shaming leads you to feeling shitty about yourself, starving yourself and yes, hating your body image.

I’ll tell you why this bothered me. It bothered me because when I walked into the gym today, I didn’t hate my body and definitely didn’t know I was obese so when I did 2kms on the treadmill, I had fun. Every moment which followed this conversation with this trainer made me want to kill myself trying. I am a self motivated sort of person and do not do well with insults, which aren’t in anyway constructive but destructive.

What pissed me off the most is how every single trainer in that gym is now after my life to lose weight so even when I’m super exhausted, they think it’s me being lazy and keep taunting me about losing weight. I have a full time job and I spent close to 2 hours at the gym post that so forgive me if I feel so tired I want to pass out.

Oh, and in the middle of her telling me I was obese, she also tried to sell me the idea of a personal trainer (paid of course) and visit her over the weekend as she’s also magically a dietician (imagine that, huh?!). You all must also understand that I realize that I need to lose some weight but in no way am I obese!! (or am I?!)

Fuck you, trainer. Fuck you for putting this evil seed in my head which is going to do more bad than good as I will now stress over the entire world viewing me as obese.

What a start to the new year, huh?!